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HPE InfoSight
Artificial Intelligence for autonomous infrastructure

Gain InfoSight in the entire portfolio of HPE Nimble Storage Solutions


Forget reacting to issue after issue with limited visibility across complex, siloed infrastructure. HPE InfoSight delivers AI-powered autonomous operations that ensure your environment is always-on, always-fast, and always-agile.


Product overview:

HPE InfoSight transforms how infrastructure is managed and supported.

Predictive support
  • Predicts and prevents issues
  • Solves problems across infrastructure
  • Redefines the white-glove experience
AI-driven operations
  • Makes managing effortless
  • Provides instant global visibility
  • Sees what others can't
Intelligent infrastructure
  • Makes infrastructure smarter
  • Enables infrastructure to self-improve
  • Drives up availability


The End Of Application Disruptions And Wasted Time

Your business can't afford any disruptions or delays. And you want nothing more than to spend less time on infrastructure. However, the complexity inevitably leads to unexpected problems and your days, nights, and weekends consumed taking care of infrastructure. You want to move your business forward, but you keep getting held back. As infrastructure becomes increasingly vital and complex, you know this hands-on approach won't work anymore. That's why you keep asking yourself:

  • How can I ensure nondisruptive availability for my applications?
  • How can I optimize my ever-changing workloads?
  • How can I tune my infrastructure for better performance?
  • How can I stop the firefighting?

Now there's an answer. It's called HPE InfoSight.

Unparalleled Intelligence For Every Data Center

HPE InfoSight is the industry's most advanced Artificial Intelligence for infrastructure. Every second, it collects and analyzes millions of sensors from systems across the globe. Since 2010, it has analyzed more than 1,250 trillion data points and saved enterprises more than 1.5 million hours of lost productivity.


of issues automatically predicted and resolved


less time managing problems


of problems resolved are beyond storage

Bringing Autonomous Infrastructure Within Reach

HPE InfoSight uses the power of cloud-based machine learning to drive Global Intelligence and insights for infrastructure across servers, storage, and virtualized resources. The platform radically simplifies IT operations by predicting and preventing problems across the infrastructure stack and making decisions that optimizes application performance and resource planning.


systems connected in the cloud


trillion data points analyzed since 2010


million hours saved with predictive analytics

Machine Learning In The Cloud

HPE InfoSight sees beyond the limits of humans and other tools because of its unique approach to data collection and analysis. Every second, millions of sensor measurements capturing the state of the systems, subsystems, and surrounding IT infrastructure in our global installed base are collected and analyzed.

 HPE InfoSight platform
Figure: HPE InfoSight platform

Financial impact of HPE InfoSight

Infrastructure powered by HPE InfoSight translates directly into significant financial impact. Enterprise Strategy Group researched hundreds of HPE Nimble Storage and third-party customers and arrived at these conclusions:


lower storage operational expenses



fewer trouble tickets in the environment


less time spent resolving storage-related trouble tickets



faster time to resolution for events that necessitate Level 3 support

Transforming the Experience With Predictive Support

Predicting and preventing problems

HPE InfoSight transforms IT operations from reactive to predictive. Instead of fighting fires and dealing with escalations, problems are prevented before they can impact IT.

See once and prevent for all
HPE InfoSight puts the focus on prevention. It uses predictive analytics to predict, prevent, and auto-resolve problems from storage to VMs before they can affect your business. Hundreds of predictive signatures from availability, performance, security, capacity, to data protection are continuously monitored in every system across the installed base.

If there is ever a problem experienced in the installed base, HPE InfoSight learns to predict the issue and prevent anyone else from seeing the same problem

 Design approach to predictive support automation
Figure- Design approach to predictive support automation

Rapid diagnostics and resolution to complex issues

No need to pull logs anymore as HPE InfoSight has the data about your environment-from storage, servers, to VMs. This drives faster detection, analysis, and remediation of the most complex issues.

Redefining white-glove support

If HPE InfoSight detects a problem that can't be automatically resolved, then HPE support engineers investigate and help our customers get back online quickly. The learnings from each case then feeds the predictive analytics engine for future support automation

AI- Driven Operations

Making infrastructure management effortless

HPE InfoSight takes the guesswork out of managing infrastructure. It tells you how you can improve performance, optimize your resources, and plan for the future. And with its cloud-based portal, it's easy for you to take advantage of its intelligence.

 Global insights into the server status and health
Figure- Global insights into the server status and health

Instant global visibility

As a cloud-based application, the HPE InfoSight web portal gives IT a one-stop, one-site, one-place portal for easy access to infrastructure wherever it is in the world. There's no software to install, no software to manage. Its integration across the HPE portfolio of servers, storage, and integrated systems provides a consolidated view of all IT resources.

 Correlated cross-stack analytics
Figure- Correlated cross-stack analytics

Sees From Storage To Virtual Machines

HPE InfoSight sees from the past to the future, up and down your infrastructure stack, and across your systems, providing you a single source of truth for your infrastructure. For complex, virtualized environments, its full-stack analytics pinpoints abnormal performance issues between storage and VMs and underutilized virtual resources without effort from you.

 AI performance recommendations
Figure- AI performance recommendations

Gets More Out Of Your Resources

There's too much manual tuning day to day. All you want is the best performance and most efficient resources no matter how your workloads change. HPE InfoSight helps automate tuning and gives you the answers before you even ask the question. It automatically identifies opportunities to improve performance and optimize resources with a clear recommendation.

HPE InfoSight prevents over-provisioning on shared storage through what-if simulations that predict performance and capacity consumption for new workloads and any impact to neighboring applications.

What-if sizing for new infrastructure
Figure- What-if sizing for new infrastructure

Makes planning Simple

HPE InfoSight simplifies infrastructure lifecycle management from planning to expanding. Its storage resource planner accurately sizes new infrastructure by simulating what-if scenarios. It also accurately predicts capacity, performance, and bandwidth needs with specific upgrades.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Making infrastructure autonomous

HPE InfoSight is constantly collecting data and learning from customers' workloads-making all customers smarter. HPE InfoSight is a pioneer in the infrastructure space in this new AI-first world and building new AI models to turn insights into actions.

HPE InfoSight is paving the path for autonomous infrastructure-one that self-manages, self-heals, and self-optimizes. Today, HPE InfoSight tells you what to do. Tomorrow, it does it for you.

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