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HPE Synergy 12000 Frame
A single intelligent physical infrastructure that combines compute, storage, and fabric

HPE Synergy 12000 Frame

HPE Synergy 12000 Frame

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Does your IT infrastructure efficiently combine compute, storage, and networking/fabric resources with intelligence and security to meet your needs of today and tomorrow?

HPE Synergy 12000 Frames are uniquely architected as Composable Infrastructure (CI) to match the powerful 'infrastructure-as-code' capabilities of the HPE intelligent software architecture. Flexible access to compute, storage, and fabric resources allows for use and re-purposing. Linking multiple HPE Synergy Frames efficiently scales the infrastructure with a dedicated single view of the entire management network.

Creating multiple composable domains in the infrastructure can efficiently deliver available resources to the business. HPE Synergy Frames reduce complexity by using intelligent auto-discovery to find all available resources to accelerate workload deployments. This drives IT efficiency as the business grows and delivers balanced performance across resources to increase solution effectiveness.

  • Supports HPE Synergy 480 and HPE 660 Gen10 Compute Modules.
  • A guided installation experience is provided for setting up HPE Synergy.
  • Adds 2650W HVDC hot plug power supplies as an infrastructure option.
  • Product is now offered to comply with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA).


Optimize Applications and Service-levels

The HPE Synergy 12000 Frame is architected as a Composable Infrastructure (CI), which matches the flexible use of compute, storage, and network/fabric resources to an intelligent HPE management software architecture. These capabilities are presented as 'infrastructure as code' to the user.

The combination of hardware flexibility with embedded intelligence enables auto-discovery of all available resources for quick deployment and use. Management of hardware by profiles defined in software allows fast re-purposing of compute, storage and fabric resources to meet workload demands.

Operations which use a single frame can scale to large environments of multiple units. Intelligent frame link technology provides easy scaling from a single HPE Synergy 12000 Frame to multiple frames by using HPE Frame Link Modules and HPE Synergy Composer (powered by HPE OneView).

Move Faster by Accelerating Application and Service Delivery

The HPE Synergy 12000 Frame provides auto-discovery for fast deployments. The flexible design also allows you to custom-fit multiple types of compute, storage, and fabric components in a variety of configurations to meet your workload requirements.

Hardware installations are simplified by a simple step-by-step guided process and the intelligent HPE Synergy 12000 Frame design, which reduces the time to setup, debug, and check inventory during installation. A limited-access mode also guides technicians to correct installation errors.

High infrastructure bandwidth (over 16 Tb/s) helps you to perform well on today’s data-intensive applications and on next-generation, mobile-first, cloud-native applications. The design also utilizes a true passive mid-plane to assure highly-reliable operation. And it's photonics ready!

Work More Efficiently by Reducing Operational Effort and Cost

The HPE Synergy 12000 Frame monitors status for operations by automatically reporting resources, installation information, and health status of the system or domain. Status is updated by the HPE Synergy Composer management appliance (which is powered by HPE OneView) via HPE Frame Link Modules.

Updates, from a tested release set of component software, are securely handled using a dedicated data network (separate from the management network) with redundant path configurations. HPE Synergy out-of-band management provides a dedicated 10Gbps bandwidth for additional security and control.

The HPE Synergy 12000 Frame will fit in data centers with AC or DC power operations. The 10U form factor of the HPE Synergy Frame also fits in most standard racks and connects to industry standard power feeds for quick and easy installation.

Unlock Value by Increasing Productivity and Control

The HPE Synergy 12000 Frame provides fully air-gapped management (control) and data (production) networks for improved data efficiency and for management security. Separation of data and management traffic helps prevent denial-of-service attacks and increases security control.

A single management domain is able to control many HPE Synergy Frames, and still have it presented as one. This can result in significantly fewer management uplink connections in larger environments.

Every HPE Synergy 12000 Frame includes an automated cooling system with capacity to cool both today's components and tomorrow's hotter versions. The HPE Synergy design has cooling capacity with headroom so as to not limit component operation and to keep your workloads operating at peak utilization.


HPE Synergy 12000 Frame Specifications
System fan features 10 Fans included on all models
Form factor chassis The 10U HPE Synergy 12000 Frame easily mounts into the same space as existing c-Class solutions today and uses the same datacenter resources for quick and easy installation.
Management features HPE Synergy Appliances
Synergy Composer (OneView), Synergy Image Streamer, Frame Link Module-multi-frame link
Warranty 3/3/3-Server Warranty includes three years of parts, three years of labor, three years of onsite support coverage. Additional information regarding worldwide limited warranty and technical support is available at: Additional Hewlett Packard Enterprise support and service coverage for your product that can be purchased locally. For information on availability of service upgrades and the cost for these service upgrades, refer to the Hewlett Packard Enterprise website at

Hardware Specs:

HPE Synergy 12000 Frame - Front View
HPE Synergy 12000 Frame - Front View

  • 6 Zones for Compute and Storage
  • 2 Appliance Bays for Management
  • Front Panel, for Synergy Console connections

HPE Synergy 12000 Frame - Rear View
HPE Synergy 12000 Frame - Rear View

  • 6 Interconnect Module Bays(3+3 Redundancy)
  • 10 Fan Bays(Fans included with all models)
  • 6 Power Supplies (N+N, N+1 Redundancy)
  • 2 Frame Link Module Slots

Mixed Configuration - Full Height and Half-Height Population rules
Mixed Configuration - Full Height and Half-Height Population rules
Frame Device Bay Options: Half Height, Full Height, Half Height Double Wide, Full Height Double Wide

HPE Synergy Appliances:

HPE Synergy Composer2

Is a management appliance with HPE OneView embedded. The appliance plugs directly into the Frame to manage all Synergy resources intelligently and seamlessly. The Synergy Composer appliance integrated to the system provides:

  • A single point of management for single or scaled frames, which is ideal for on-demand composability.
  • Management of all frame resources through HPE OneView profiles and templates.
  • Auto-Discovery of Compute, Memory, Storage and Fabrics within a Frame or across multiple connected Frames.
  • Activity, Health and Power LEDs for immediate status.

Notes: The USB port is for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Certified Service Parties Only.

HPE Synergy Composer2

HPE Synergy Image Streamer

Is a management appliance that provides fast image/application changes to compute resources to meet your composable infrastructure needs. It integrates software-defined intelligence from embedded HPE Synergy Composer to rapidly deploy and update physical compute nodes with operating environments for fast virtualized image changeovers, quick updates, and image compliance. As a single point of management for single or scaled frames, Synergy Image Streamer is ideal for on-demand composability by enabling:

  • Provisioning boot/run storage volumes and deployment of the OS,
  • Personalization of the OS per the deployment plan,
  • Automatic generation of iSCSI targets for the boot/run volume, and
  • Rapid updates of compute modules with the latest images.
HPE Synergy Image Streamer

HPE Synergy Frame Link Module (FLM)

Is the frame resource information control point which also links multiple frames. It provides:

  • Integrated direct access to a single or multiple frames through a HPE Synergy Composer (powered by HPE OneView),
  • A dedicated 10GbE air-gapped management network for multi-frame communications,
  • Immediate status and health details through HPE OneView,
  • Asset and inventory information reports for the devices in the frame,
  • Robust, multi-frame setup and control via HPE Synergy Composer (powered by HPE OneView),
  • Thermal and power information reports, including real-time actual power usage per server and per frame,
  • The option to add a second (redundant) module to assure availability of linkages in a multi-frame environment (the first Synergy Frame Link Module being included with every Synergy Frame), and
  • HPE Synergy Console interfaces on each Synergy Frame Link Module.
HPE Synergy Frame Link Module (FLM)

HPE Synergy Console

Is the frame resource information control point. This control point connects technicians for easy setup and installation and/or also allows logins to HPE OneView for management of one or more frames.

  • Front access to the Synergy Console is provided by the Front Panel Monitor Port and USB 2.0 connectors.
  • Rear access to the Synergy Console is provided on each Frame Link Module.
  • Laptop connection to the Synergy Console is provided from the Front Panel (RJ45 port) via simplet VNC services (free VNC software which can be downloaded from the internet).

HPE Synergy Console

Notes: Hewlett Packard Enterprise offers and recommends the HPE LCD8500 1U Rackmount Console as the Synergy recommended Display Solution. See the Rackmount Solutions section below. The Monitor Port supports any monitor that has DisplayPort™ or an active DisplayPort adaptor for interfacing to VGA, HDMI or DVI monitors. External USB hub is required for keyboard and mouse if monitor does not include a hub.


Front View
Angle View
Rear View

HPE ServicesServices:

HPE Pointnext

Access expertise at every step of your IT journey with HPE Pointnext Services. Advisory Services focuses on your business outcomes and goals, to design your transformation and build a roadmap tuned to your unique challenges. Our Professional and Operational Services help speed up time-to-production and keep your IT stable and reliable.

Operational Services

  • HPE Datacenter Care helps modernize and simplify IT operations. Partner with an assigned account team, access technical expertise, an enhanced call experience gives you priority access, choose hardware and software support, implement proactive monitoring to help stay ahead of issues, and access HPE IT best practices and IP.
  • HPE Proactive Care offers an enhanced call experience and helps reduce problems with personalized proactive reports and advice. This also includes collaborative software support for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), (Red Hat, VMWare, Microsoft, etc.).
  • HPE Foundation Carehelps when there is a problem and has a choice of response levels. Collaborative software support is included and provides troubleshooting help for ISVs running on your server.

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Defective Media Retention is optional and applies only to Disk or eligible SSD/Flash Drives replaced by HPE due to malfunction.

HPE Service Credits offers a menu of technical services, access additional resources, and specialist skills.

HPE Education Services delivers a comprehensive range of services to support your people as they expand their skills required for a digital transformation. Consult your HPE Sales Representative or Authorised Channel Partner of choice for any additional questions and support options.


Download the HPE Synergy 12000 Frame Datasheet (.PDF)

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