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HPE Security and Digital Protection Services
Security Everywhere

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Transform from reactive static security to intelligent, adaptive models to keep pace with new cyber threats and technology initiatives. Define your strategy to mature or remediate gaps in your security, compliance, IT continuity, and disaster recovery programs. Our experts develop and apply adaptive next-generation security architectures, unify security and compliance on- and off-premises, and innovate with automation and intelligence.

Closing The IT Security Gap

Cyber threats are everywhere. And they are constantly changing. The challenge for security and IT teams is enabling security, trust and compliance at the speed of digital transformation. HPE security services provide edge, cloud, data expertise with modern approaches such as zero-trust security, DevSecOps with industry standards such as NIST.

Adaptive security-a two dimensional approach

Our security risk management workshops, assessments, architecture, design, and integration services will accelerate your digital transformation.

Embed security into hybrid cloud and edge

Address vulnerabilities in applications and connections and build security and compliance into the fabric of your business.

Protect your data, resiliency, and compliance

Protect your enterprise against new vulnerabilities and keep aware of evolving security, regulatory requirements like GDPR.

Security, Risk And Compliance Services

Protect your digital assets with reassurance from the HPE risk management and digital protection services. From in-depth workshopping to redundant digital security measures, HPE's portfolio is wide-ranging and resilient.

HPE Education Services for Security

Comprehensive vendor-agnostic industry security certification and training curriculum based on best practices and cyber security frameworks.

Workshop: Protect your Digital Enterprise

Explore your security and risk management models and frameworks, and learn steps that will help take you from where you are today to reach your security and resiliency goals.

HPE Security Analysis and Roadmap for Cloud

Analyze your current state of security and controls related to operating in the cloud, identify gaps, and build a road map to address them.

Security Services for Hybrid IT

Protect both your physical and virtual assets, as well as data on premise and as part of the move to cloud addressing your hybrid IT needs.

HPE Backup and Recovery Efficiency Analysis Service

Make well-informed security risk management decisions to protect your data. Our backup methodology includes discovery, followed by a facilitated review workshop tailored to accurately discern your organization's data.

HPE Continuous Security Improvement Service

Enable ongoing improvement of your organization's security posture through digital transformation to prepare for the dynamic threat landscape and comply with regulations.

HPE Cloud Volumes

Recover and run your applications in the cloud provider of your choice with HPE Cloud Volumes.

Case study - Construction company strengthens compliance

Interoc, a Swedish construction firm, wanted to ensure industry compliance and better management of numerous construction projects by switching to an all-digital, cloud-based solution.

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