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HPE Virtual Connect SE 32Gb Fibre Channel Module for HPE Synergy
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HPE Virtual Connect SE 32Gb Fibre Channel Module for HPE Synergy

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HPE Virtual Connect SE 32Gb Fibre Channel Module for HPE Synergy
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Do you want to streamline the way you connect compute modules with a SAN? The HPE Virtual Connect SE 32Gb Fibre Channel Module for HPE Synergy is a SAN interconnect module that simplifies HPE Synergy compute module connections by separating the frame from the SAN. It streamlines the process of connecting HPE Synergy modules to Fibre Channel networks by reducing cables and SAN switch management domain. You can reduce costs and simplify SAN connections, consolidate your network connections, and enable administrators to add, replace, and recover HPE Synergy compute module resources on the fly. It is standards based, looks like a pass-through device to the Fibre Channel network, and yet provides the key benefits of integrated switching including high-performance 32 Gb uplinks to the SAN. The integrated design frees up rack space, and reduces power and cooling requirements while reducing cables and utilizing small form-factor pluggable transmitters.


  • (12) 8/16/32Gb Auto-negotiating Fibre Channel uplinks connected to external SAN switches
  • (12) 32Gb Fibre Channel downlink ports provide maximum HBA performance
  • HBA Aggregation on uplinks ports using ANSI T11 standards-based N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) technology
  • Allows up to 255 virtual machines running on the same physical compute modules to access separate storage resources
  • Extremely low latency throughput provides switch-like performance.


  • Storage management is no longer constrained to a single physical HBA on a compute module
  • Managed with composer based HPE OneView
  • Does not add to SAN switch domains or require traditional SAN management
  • Appears as a pass-thru device to the SAN Manager

Virtual Server Profiles

  • Provisioned storage resource is associated directly to a specific virtual machine - even if the virtual server is re-allocated within the Synergy Frame
  • Ability to pre-configure compute module I/O connections
  • Ability to move, add, or change compute modules on the fly
  • Once defined, SAN Administrators don't have to be involved in compute modules changes


The Simplest Way to Connect Synergy Compute Modules to Fibre Channel Based SAN

HPE Virtual Connect SE 32Gb Fibre Channel Module for HPE Synergy is compatible with N_Port ID virtualization (NPIV) standards-based SAN switch products, providing high performance and end-to-end connections with your preferred SAN fabric.

Utilizing HPE OneView allows the SAN administrator to rapidly define available SANs, Synergy Compute Module connections, and manage Synergy Compute Module connection profiles.

Functions as a simple Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) to the SAN network while reducing cable complexity. Any change to the compute modules is transparent to its associated network, cleanly separating the Synergy Compute Modules from the SAN and relieving SAN Administrators from maintenance.

Hardware Specs:

The HPE Virtual Connect SE 32Gb FC Module for HPE Synergy is a Storage Area Network (SAN) interconnect with a wire-once change-ready technology. The Fibre Channel (FC) module in conjunction with Synergy composer powered by HPE OneView allows workloads to be moved or managed without modifying the network. HPE OneView provides an intuitive management console for seamless connectivity between virtualized Synergy Compute Modules and 32Gb FC SAN fabrics.

For high performance enterprise datacenter environments, the HPE VC SE 32Gb FC module or the alternative, Brocade 32Gb FC SAN Switch Module for HPE Synergy, are the best choices for applications demanding low-latency high I/O performance, i.e. flash storage. The QSFP ports significantly simplify cabling infrastructure, reduce cabling from four to one, and help reduce power attributed to optics transceivers 2.5x.

If deployment costs are a concern, by adopting the Synergy frame and Gen 6 32Gb FC technology, you can reduce costs and simplify connections to SANs, consolidate your network connections and enable administrators to add, replace and recover compute modules resources on-the-fly. The integrated Synergy design frees up rack space, reduces power and cooling requirements.

The HPE Synergy VC SE 32Gb FC Module is protected by HPE Services 3-Years Next Business Day 9x5 Hardware Support.

HPE Synergy VC SE 32Gb FC Module Front View
HPE Synergy VC SE 32Gb FC Module Front View

  1. Q1-Q2 QSFP+ ports
  2. 1-8 SFP+ ports
  3. Q2 QSFP+ ports

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HPE Products
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HPE Virtual Connect SE 32Gb Fibre Channel Module for HPE Synergy
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