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HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module
Synergy Storage Modules

HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module

HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module

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Do you need flexible storage resources in your HPE Synergy 12000 Frame?

The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module provides a fluid pool of storage resources for the Composable Infrastructure. Additional capacity for compute modules is easily provisioned and intelligently managed with integrated data services for availability and protection. The 40 SFF drive bays per storage module can be populated with 12 G SAS or 6 G SATA drives. Expand up to 4 storage modules in a single Synergy 12000 Frame for a total of 200 drives.

Any drive bay can be zoned to any compute module for efficient use of capacity without fixed ratios. Use HPE StoreVirtual VSA to create virtualized software-defined storage resources to be among frames. A second HPE Synergy D3940 I/O Adapter provides a redundant path to disks inside the storage module for high data availability. The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module and HPE Synergy 12Gb SAS Connection Module are performance optimized in a non-blocking 12 Gb/s SAS fabric.


Composable Infrastructure Efficiency and Speed

The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module can run anything and is composed with compute resources to meet the demands of a wide range of data workloads.

Now you can move faster to accelerate service delivery by quickly and easily provisioning zoned storage resources within the frame. Pooled storage resources provide the flexibility and performance needed to accommodate a wide range of workloads.

Work efficiently, quickly and confidently to implement changes for zoned storage with one-tool, one-step template-based operations. Changes such as updating firmware are automatically implemented with the infrastructure online significantly reducing errors and delivering real-time compliance.

Flexible Capacity for a Wide Range of Workloads

The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module allows disk drives to be flexibly grouped and composed with any Synergy Compute Module or with multiple Compute Modules in the same Synergy Frame.

The ability to mix and match drive types and sizes from an array of Small Form Factor (SFF) drive options provides flexibility to deliver the right balance of performance and capacity for a variety of workloads such as database, collaboration (email/communication), file, Web, and media streaming.

Expand storage capacity easily by adding up to 4 Synergy D3940 Storage Modules per HPE Synergy Frame, offering up to 160 drives which equates to 16 SFF drives per rack unit.

The Synergy D3940 Storage Module is configurable as ultra-dense direct attached zoned storage or can be deployed as flexible scale-out software defined shared storage when virtualized and provisioned by StoreVirtual VSA.

High Performance, Highly Available Composable Storage

The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module provides a non-blocking 12 Gb SAS fabric from end-to-end which enables full utilization of flash storage for workloads requiring superb I/O performance.

Forty Small Form Factor (SFF) hot-plug SAS/SATA drive bays per storage module can provide a total of up to 160 spindles to be zoned as needed to any or multiple Compute Modules within a single HPE Synergy Frame.

The Synergy D3940 Storage Module can be configured with single or dual I/O adapters in each Storage Module and single or dual HPE Synergy 12 G SAS Connection Modules in each HPE Synergy 12000 Frame for increased availability.


HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module Specifications
Drive description
  • Supports up to 40 SFF 12 G SAS or 6 G SATA HDDs or SSDs
  • SAS HDDs, drive sizes up to 2TB
  • SATA HDDs, drive sizes up to 2TB
  • Solid State Drives, drives up to 3.84TB
  • Maximum capacity per storage module is 153.6 TB (raw)
Connection Single or dual Synergy 12 G SAS Connection Modules in each frame with storage modules Each storage module comes standard with a single I/O Adapter and can be configured with a second I/O Adapter for redundancy One Smart Array P542D controller is required in each compute module connecting to the storage module
Enclosures Synergy 12000 Frame
Form factor chassis Populates two half-height module bays in a Synergy frame
Zoning Any drive or logical drive group can be composed with any compute module in the frame.

Hardware Specs:

The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module is a directed attached storage module with 40 Small Form Factor (SFF) drive bays designed for use in HPE 12000 Synergy frames. Through the HPE Synergy 12Gb SAS Connection Module it provides composable storage for up to 10 compute modules in a single frame. Synergy storage is optimized for use as either a direct attached storage array or as software-defined storage using HPE StoreVirtual VSA or similar solutions.

HPE Synergy is a single infrastructure of physical and virtual pools of compute, storage, and fabric resources, and a single management interface that allows IT to instantly assemble and re-assemble resources in any configuration. As the foundation for the New Style of Business infrastructure, HPE Synergy eliminates hardware and operational complexity so IT can precisely deliver infrastructure to applications faster and with greater flexibility.

Synergy storage enables a variety of workloads by permitting multiple drive types to be configured in the same storage module. HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Modules support a family of 12G SAS or 6G *SATA HDD and SSD Smart Drives. Storage modules connect to compute modules within a frame through the Synergy 12 Gb SAS Connection Module. Any number of drive bays in a storage module can be composed with any compute module containing a Smart Array controller connected to the SAS fabric, allowing for efficient utilization of available drives. Synergy storage can scale to 200 SFF drives with five storage modules in a single HPE Synergy 12000 Frame. Adding a second I/O adapter and second SAS connection module provides a redundant path to SAS drives inside the Storage Module, ensuring high availability. The modular design of the Synergy D3940 Storage Module allows it to slide out from the frame to service drives or I/O adapters without interrupting operation of other drives within the module. Additionally, the Synergy D3940 Storage Module is optimized for solid state drives using a high performance SAS connection with sixteen 12 Gb/s SAS lanes. This allows a single Synergy storage module to deliver as much as 8 times the bandwidth of other JBOD options reaching up to 2M IOPs.

The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module provides a large, efficient pool of storage resources which can be allocated to meet changing server workloads and business needs. Synergy Storage enables industry leading bandwidths and performance. Within the frame, an administrator is able to create virtual JBODs or vitual drives for any compute module, remap connections, or change personalities; all done with stored profiles. Together, the D3940 Storage Module and 12Gb SAS Connection Module fully integrate with other HPE Synergy hardware and software components and are managed and configured with HPE Synergy Composer. The D3940 Storage Module provides leading storage density and flexibility to configure storage to meet business needs. A modular design simplifies serviceability and can be configured with dual HPE Synergy 12Gb SAS Flexible Storage I/O Adapters for high availability.

HPE StoreVirtual VSA software provides advanced data services giving you the benefits and resiliency of shared storage within the enclosure without purchasing additional storage hardware. The Synergy storage module provides a flexible, large capacity platform to support multiple clustered VSA nodes and creates a virtual array which scales as storage needs evolve while its built-in high availability and disaster recovery features ensure business continuity for the entire virtual environment. Optimized for virtualized VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux KVM environments, HPE StoreVirtual VSA transforms your direct-attached storage into a scalable, composable, shared storage array without the cost and complexity traditionally associated with dedicated storage networks. The convergence of HPE StoreVirtual VSA software and HPE Synergy provides a great value to any type or size of business by focusing on cost optimization and maximum flexibility within the data center.

Notes: SATA drives (and some Value SAS drives) have a single port limitation, making them more vulnerable to failure than dual port SAS drives. HPE RECOMMENDS DUAL PORT SAS drives for the HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module. However, not all workloads require high availability, so we will continue to offer the less expensive SATA drives and the value SAS drives.

Synergy D3940 Storage Module Components
Synergy D3940 Storage Module Components

  1. Storage Module Handle
  2. Storage Module Handle Release Latch
  3. Drive Drawer Handle Release Latch
  4. Drive Drawer Handle
  5. Product Information Tag

Storage Module Internal Elements
Storage Module Internal Elements

  1. Small Form Factor (SFF) drive carrier
  2. D3940 I/O Adapter 1
  3. Cable management rail
  4. D3940 I/O Adapter 2
  5. I/O Adapter release handle

Synergy D3940 Storage Module LED Panel Information
Synergy D3940 Storage Module LED Panel Information

  1. Drawer Status
    • Solid Green - Drawer is closed
    • Flashing Green - Drawer is open
    • Flashing Amber - Thermal warning, close the drive drawer
  2. UID
    • Solid Blue - One or more drives are being located.
    • Flashing Blue - Firmware flash is in progress
    • Off - No drives are being located
  3. Health Status
  4. Drive Status
    • Solid Amber - One or more drives failed
    • Falshing Amber - One or more drives are predicted to fail
    • Flashing Green - One or more drives are rebuilding or transforming
    • Solid Green - One or more drives are members of a logical drive
    • Off - No drives are configured by a RAID controller
  5. Drawer Power


Front View
Left Angle View

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HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module
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