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HPE Managed Cloud Controls
Financial monitoring and optimization in the cloud

HPE Managed Cloud Controls

Ensures cost control and compliance across clouds to achieve the full promise of your cloud investments.

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Continuous Cost Control

An organization considering a cloud migration often does so due to possible cost savings. The reality is that many organizations experience much higher than anticipated costs after migrating to cloud.

Overspending need not be the case with a bit of preparation, knowledge, tools, and best practices for cloud cost optimization. Some questions you should be asking are:

  • How do I effectively evaluate the total cost of my cloud IT estate?
  • What are the best methods for optimizing my spending on cloud resources?
  • Are there any resources available to help me control spending across the organization?
  • How do I allocate the costs for my cloud at the organizational and team level?
  • Do I need to change how I provision resources in the cloud?
  • What are the best tools, best practices, and industry standards for my new cloud operations?

To thrive in today’s cloud-focused world, enterprises are turning to an entirely new category of monthly managed services solutions that enables unprecedented visibility of and control over service management, IT compliance, and cost management in the cloud. Continuous Cost Control provides end-to-end visibility of cloud financials, as well as detailed analysis and recommendations for reducing your cloud costs. The service provides:

  • Full use of the Continuous Cost Control tool across multiple cloud accounts and vendors
  • Monthly/quarterly reports with the guidance of an HPE expert
  • Evaluation of cloud cost performance over time
  • Recommendations on how to better manage and optimize cloud environments costs
  • Business event monitoring to alert on cost increases or decreases over time

Value Proposition

The days of months-long provisioning processes and large up-front investments to secure IT infrastructure are over. The cloud replaces capital expenses for the operational expense model, allowing anyone with a credit card, computer, and an internet connection to instantly provision as much computing power as they would like. Without the knowledge of how costs in the cloud differ from on-premises, this added agility comes with the potential to significantly overspend IT budgets.

  • Do you know how best to evaluate their costs and allocate them back to the individual teams within your organization?
  • Do you know how to optimize your cloud IT infrastructure to achieve the lowest costs for the most powerful resources while best meeting application needs?

Continuous Cost Control, which leverages HPE experience in hundreds of cloud transformations, provides a holistic view of all costs associated with an enterprise cloud program through one easy-to-use and customizable dashboard. The offering includes the HPE expertise to identify and execute proven cost saving opportunities and smart application tagging and mapping of actual spend, enabling application owner accountability. Additionally, business event monitoring and alerting enables clients to find costs anomalies and remediate issues before costs skyrocket.

Continuous Cost Control dashboard
Continuous Cost Control dashboard


Continuous Cost Control provides:

  • A higher level of accuracy and completeness of financial data
  • Better understanding and ability to optimize costs based on objective and experienced analysis
  • Insights into current and future state financials
  • Easier reporting for better and faster decision-making

Why HPE?

Continuous Compliance leverages experience and IP acquired from experience and IP acquired through hundreds of successful cloud engagements and curated through hundreds of successful cloud engagements. Through that experience, we have:

  • Completed hundreds of enterprise-wide cloud transformation projects
  • Established partnerships with AWS, Azure, and Google™ cloud providers
  • Amassed expertise in cloud cost management for multiple clients
  • Gained subject-matter experts with cloud cost optimization experience and best practices knowledge for your cloud environments

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