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HPE Synergy Image Streamer
Composable bladed infrastructure for any workload in a hybrid cloud environment

HPE Synergy Image Streamer

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HPE Synergy Image Streamers
HPE Synergy Image Streamer
List Price: $34,313.00
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Can HPE Synergy provision physical servers at cloud-like speed? Using HPE Synergy Image Streamer, you can rapidly change images on multiple compute nodes in an automated manner. HPE Synergy Image Streamer works with HPE Synergy Composer to rapidly deploy and update multiple physical compute nodes. Operating environment images for bare-metal use might boot directly into a running OS, or VM hosts might perform quick image changeovers. This 'infrastructure-as-code' capability maximizes your return on your systems investment by quickly delivering applications and services and by enabling rapid workload switching (across Linux, ESX, or MS Windows). Enhanced profiles provide true stateless images, which are automatically integrated with server hardware configurations and operating environment images for simplicity of use. Programmatic access is also provided through the Unified API. Integrate, automate, and customize your operations using HPE Synergy Image Streamer.

  • Certificate Manager user interface added for primary and secondary appliances.
  • VMware ESXi 6.7U1 support.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2019
  • Pre-upgrade checks to ensure that the Image Streamer management and storage clusters are healthy to prevent disruptions in the upgrade process.
  • Dedicated Image Streamer ports on new Synergy interconnect modules (Virtual Connect SE 100Gb F32 Module for HPE Synergy) include two (2) dedicated SFP+ ports (X1 and X2) for Image Streamer use for deployment network connectivity.
  • Operations by Image Streamer when managed by new HPE Synergy Composer2 management appliances (in addition to management by HPE Synergy Composer).
  • OS deployment artifacts for Image Streamer operation with:
    • SLES 12 SP3 and SP4 versions,
    • SLES OS with BTRFS filesystem using artifacts with FAT32 content,
    • RHEL 7.6 version, and
    • RHEL OS with XFS filesystem using artifacts with FAT32 content.
  • Support tools bundled into Image Streamer for use by HPE Support to check the health of the management appliance.


One Infrastructure for Any Application

HPE Synergy Image Streamer can quickly provision an operating environment across a large number infrastructure blocks. It can deploy and update many systems quickly, possibly as fast of you can reboot servers, to quickly expand or change environments across Linux, VMware ESX, or Microsoft Windows.

This Synergy management capability is implemented using redundant physical appliances for production environments to maintain high availability in operations. These management appliances are automatically set up with active-active storage to control and protect your image repository.

Your image content might contain an OS or even a complete application stack. Your images can be quickly applied to multiple compute nodes to optimize your IT service deliveries.

Deploy at Cloud-like Speed and Scale

HPE Synergy Image Streamer enables true stateless operation by integrating your server profiles with your golden images (OE and I/O driver) and your personalities (OS and application). Stateless operation can be used to plan environments early for fast implementation onto available hardware later.

Deployments are rapidly executed from your library of images (using your tested operating environments and personalities) for quality and consistency. Reference architectures for software like Docker, Oracle, or VMware are available to help you to start quickly and scale to meet your requirements.

Updates can capture your golden image and re-deploy the revised boot image for use by multiple compute nodes. Server profile templates bring the power of 'infrastructure-as-code' to help you easily control multiple server profiles.

Automate Everyday Operations

Workload switching can increase your system utilization by changing workloads on the same Synergy system -- as fast as servers can be rebooted. (As a simple example, systems running VDI workloads during the day can run compute-intensive workloads at night, and switch back to VDI again the next day.)

HPE Synergy Image Streamer automatically sets up configurations and integrations with HPE Synergy Composer for server profile use. Access to HPE Synergy Image Streamer is implemented through the HPE Synergy Composer server profile or through the unified API.

Bare-metal HPE Synergy Compute Modules can be booted directly into a running OS to reduce operational efforts. If your golden image contains an application stack, then the bare-metal compute nodes would boot directly into the application stack. This can accelerate your time-to-service.

Develop Apps Faster and Smarter

The Unified API enables programmatic control of HPE Image Streamer by developers and users for integration, automation and customization. You can script these operations through modern RESTful interfaces using tools like Python, Powershell, Ruby or Java -- and optimize control using the Unified API.

The HPE Synergy Image Streamer boot environment uses deployment processes which do not involve the compute nodes. Security is enhanced by avoiding use of the PXE Boot utility. These protections ensure continued productivity.

Automation tool integrations for HPE Synergy Image Streamer are available from partners like Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and VMware. These tools enable a variety of automation operations to make your workloads run faster and smarter.

Tools for customizing your images and environment are provided, along with reference implementations. This enables you to use your specific OS images and versions. For some operations like capturing your golden images, you may also choose to use your own tools and edit existing images.

Hardware Specs:

HPE Synergy is composable bladed infrastructure for any workload in a hybrid cloud environment.

One infrastructure for any workload increases your productivity and control across a hybrid cloud environment. HPE Synergy infrastructure supports current- and next-gen apps, across diverse infrastructure requirements and service level objectives. It’s designed with extensible management through a unified API -- which enables both today’s IT workloads and support for emerging technologies for the next decade.

Automating everyday operations eliminate costs, frees up resources, and simplifies IT operations with software-defined intelligence. This includes security features that go beyond perimeter security -- to prevent, detect, and recover from threats.

HPE Synergy accelerates application and service delivery time by deploying at cloud-like speed and scale -- and by enabling faster and smarter apps development with a developer-friendly infrastructure.

HPE Synergy Composer, powered by HPE OneView, manages the Composable Infrastructure.

It delivers…

  • Fluid pools of resources, where a single infrastructure of Compute, Storage, and Fabric boots up ready for workloads and demonstrates self-assimilating capacity,
  • Software-defined intelligence, with a single interface that precisely composes logical infrastructures at near-instant speeds; and demonstrates template-driven, frictionless operations, and
  • Unified API Access, which enables simple line-of-code programming of every infrastructure element; easily automates IT operational processes; and effortlessly automates applications through infrastructure deployment.

HPE Synergy Composer provides the enterprise-level management to compose and deploy system resources to your application needs. This management appliance uses software-defined intelligence with embedded HPE OneView to aggregate Compute, Storage and Fabric resources in a manner that scales to your application needs.

HPE Synergy Image Streamer accelerates application and service delivery

HPE Synergy Image Streamer works with HPE Synergy Composer to rapidly deploy and update composable infrastructure. The Image Streamer management appliance provides software-defined control over physical compute modules with OS provisioning. By utilizing true stateless computing, Synergy Image Streamer can automate the deployment of similar images onto new servers or quickly change workloads between Linux, VMware ESX, and Microsoft Windows.

HPE Synergy Image Streamer deploys and updates at cloud-like speed and scale.

HPE Synergy Image Streamer on Synergy Frame

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Pricing Notes:

HPE Products
HPE Synergy Image Streamers
HPE Synergy Image Streamer
List Price: $34,313.00
Our Price: Request a Quote